Asset Allocation

Credit and Emerging Market Debt34.5
Government Bonds5.1

Data as at 31/05/2020


UK Equity18.5
Europe ex UK Equity9.2
North America Equity7.4
Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity6.6
Emerging Market Equity6.2
Japan Equity2.1
Small-cap Equity0.5
Data as at 31/05/2020

Credit and Emerging Market Debt

Emerging Market Bonds (Hard Currency)7.7
Emerging Market Bonds (Local)7.2
Global High Yield6.7
UK Corporate Bonds6.1
Global Corporate Bonds4.5
UK Short Duration Corporate Bonds2.4
Data as at 31/05/2020

Government Bonds

Developed Market Government Bonds (ex UK) 3.9
Global Inflation-Linked Bonds1.2
Data as at 31/05/2020


Listed Infrastructure2.5
UK Property2.2
Real Estate Investment Trusts1.8
Data as at 31/05/2020

Top 10 Holdings

L&G UK Index Trust10.0
iShares UK Dividend UCITS ETF7.9
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (US$) Index Fund7.7
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (Local Currency) Index Fund7.2
L&G High Income Trust6.2
L&G Managed Monthly Income Trust5.7
L&G US Index Trust5.4
L&G European Index Trust5.0
L&G Pacific Index Trust4.7
LGIM Global Corporate Bond Fund4.5

Data as at 31/05/2020.