Asset Allocation

Credit and Emerging Market Debt39.3
Government Bonds6.6

Data as at 30/04/2020


UK Equity15.6
North America Equity7.8
Europe ex UK Equity7.4
Japan Equity4.4
Emerging Market Equity3.5
Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity3.3
Data as at 30/04/2020

Credit and Emerging Market Debt

Global Corporates12.5
UK Corporate Bonds9.5
Emerging Market Bonds (Hard Currency)6.2
High Yield6.0
Emerging Market Bonds (Local)5.0
Data as at 30/04/2020

Government Bonds

Global Inflation-Linked Bonds4.6
Dev ex UK Sovereign2.0
Data as at 30/04/2020


Listed Infrastructure3.3
Real Estate Investment Trusts2.7
Data as at 30/04/2020

Top 10 Holdings

LGIM Global Corporate Bond Fund12.5
LGIM Sterling Liquidity Fund Class 111.1
L&G (N) Tracker Trust9.0
L&G Sterling Corporate Bond Index Fund8.9
L&G European Index Trust7.4
L&G US Index Trust6.4
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (US$) Index Fund6.2
L&G High Income Trust6.0
L&G Emerging Markets Government Bond (Local Currency) Index Fund5.0
L&G Global Inflation Linked Bond Index Fund4.4

Data as at 30/04/2020.